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About Sharon

I’m Sharon, a multicultural cooking teacher who expands your children’s positive experience with food and the richness of the world. I work with children ages 4-13 who are curious about the world and who love the idea of cooking and caring for others. I give your children the gift of independence, confidence and teach them important life skills. Plus, we have fun while doing it!

My Story

I haven't always been in the kitchen with kids. In other lifetimes, I worked in the restaurant business, corporate customer service and an international non-profit.

I’ve always been inspired by traveling and by learning about cultures and new languages.

In my most recent job at an international non-profit organization, I had my dream job: traveling overseas, meeting new people, learning about new countries and cultures.  I worked with people who were preparing to embark on culture immersion programs overseas.

After a devastating job loss after almost a decade at the company, I knew there was something greater out there for me.  Something that would allow me to support my family and allow me time with my then 2-year old daughter. I had no idea what that was though.

I couldn’t bear the thought of being away from her for 12 hours at a time 5 days a week and I did some soul searching to think of what I could do to earn a living. Since I speak fluent Spanish, I began teaching Spanish to preschoolers and kindergarteners. I remember the day I was speaking to the director of the community center where I would teach Spanish. She said that she has a kitchen in the space and she would love to offer kids’ cooking classes. It sounded fun and I told her I’d give it a try.

Kids and parents loved the classes and I loved seeing the kids learn and grow in an environment where they could learn math, social studies, enjoy sensory experiences while creating a result they could eat!

I’m so happy to have a way to combine my passions of working with children, cooking and learning and teaching about cultures. Researching new recipes and ingredients allows me to enjoy traveling without leaving home.  



We care about your children, and their safety and health is very important to us. We use natural, organic and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. We do not use nuts or nut-based products. 

The knives we use are designed for children and the children do not touch the hot plate or other kitchen tools on the instructor's table. We follow safety precautions when cracking eggs, and no raw meat or shellfish is used.

Before your child can participate in our programs, registration forms including health/allergy information must be completed.

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