33 Easy After School Snack Ideas You Need Now

You already know I’m obsessed with food, and well you may or may not know, that I’m also a sucker. Be that as it may, my girl has been at her First Day of School an hour and I’m already planning her first after-school snack of the year. I’ve been working on with the perfect snack profile for my girl after years of trial and error. We have a routine when she comes home. And the first thing she does when she walks in (after groaning and exclaiming that she’s tired!) is to look at the snacks I’ve prepared for her.

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5 Things You Don't Know About Ramadan

There’s a small shop where my best girl and I go every week after her gymnastics class. It’s part of our weekly routine. When we leave the gymnastics studio, we eagerly drive up the road to pick up a lamb shawarma plate and seasoned fries. Occasionally, if I am particularly hungry, I’ll ask for a kibbeh, an amazing teardrop-shaped patty made from spiced ground beef and bulgar wheat.

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