Holiday Cooking and Tasting Your House!

When it's time to plan a party, how long in advance do you start thinking about it? For a birthday party for the kids, maybe a couple of months in advance? For a holiday party, maybe a few weeks in advance or longer?


Every year, I host Thanksgiving for my family at our house. In October, I start thinking about what dishes I'll prepare, and I think about whether I need any additional platters / serving pieces, and I start thinking about my guest list. I make ingredient lists, materials lists, I order cute leftover containers to send my guests home with. It's a lot of preparation and a ton of thinking. 


I always feel obligated to "do it all" and though I know how to plan, execute and prepare for a  holiday gathering, I can see how it would be better for my daughter if she had a mommy that was a bit less stressed during the holiday preparations!

Holiday Cooking and Tasting Party.png

With this in mind, at Cooking with Kids, we are offering a holiday special. We will bring the holiday party to your house for your kids and their friends!


We will do the shopping, the planning, the facilitating and the cleaning! And you get quality time -  as the hostess of your party - to actually enjoy the party!


Choose Dates, Menu and Friends!


We will travel within Westchester, Putnam and the Bronx for your kids' very own holiday party. 


Choose from the dates we are currently offering, and you choose the time slot from the available choices. 


And you choose either our selected sweet or savory menu, based upon what you'd like to have at your party!


That's it!


Choosing which friends to invite may be the toughest task!


Here's the Link!


You can book your private holiday party at and do let us know any questions you have.


Be sure to fill out the registration form so we know about the allergies of your chef. Your guests will also need to fill out a form a week in advance of the party. 


Enjoy Cyber Monday, and be careful out there!!