Let Them Eat Quiche!

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Happy Monday, all! So, this past Saturday morning, the first thing my girl tells me when she wakes up is that she wants to make quiche! Well, ok! While it's true that my girl is no stranger to quiche...she's been eating it since she was an infant...I was surprised that she wanted to make it!


Now that I think of it...I made quiches for the Family Reunion brunch that we hosted a few weeks ago, and then we had one of our beloved family friends visit right before school started and he enjoyed our quiche...hmmm, it's starting to make more sense now! 



Quiche Is Really Eggs in a Pie!


Make quiche we did! The greatest thing about quiche is that though it feels like you have to be fancy to eat it, it's really easy to make. Plus, most people have all of the ingredients you need on hand.


If you don't have a frozen pie crust in your freezer, the first step is you have to make the pie crust. It's kind of fun to have a frozen pie crust in your freezer just in case you want to make an easy breakfast or you're entertaining for brunch or lunch.


There's really only 5 ingredients to the crust, and it's a crust you can make for sweet pies, too. You'll need flour, salt, sugar, cold butter and ice water. (Is water an ingredient? If not, then there's only 4!)


You can make the crust in a food processor, standing mixer or by hand. Here's the recipe for the pie crust so I don't bore you with the details.


Once you have your crust done, chill that dough in the fridge for an hour or up to 3 days. Then, you get your quiche stuff ready. You need eggs (duh), some kind of milk (non-dairy is fine), and vegetables, meat, cheese of your choice. You really can use anything you have. Broccoli, bacon, mozzarella, ham, spinach, carrots, cheddar, scallions, parmesan, etc. (We like parmesan!)

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When you add your eggs - I use 6 - whisk them up with some salt and pepper and then add your fixings. 

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Then, get your dough and roll it out. Spray the bottom of your pie plate with a bit of oil (or take a paper towel and put some vegetable oil on it and wipe it along the bottom and sides of your pie plate), and then place the dough in the plate. Then add your egg mixture. Bake it at 375 F for about 30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Quiche recipe here

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5 Tips on Baking With Kids


Does making quiche sound doable to you? I have a few tips to make the process a fun one. You totally got this!


When you're cooking or baking with your gang, I highly recommend taking away distractions like anything with a screen! Turn off the screens and get unplugged!


1) Set Up Successfully. Before you bring out the messy stuff like flour, you'll thank yourself later if you put a towel down under the bowl and ingredients. This way, the clean up is relatively painless because you just shake out the towel in the sink! And ya know there will be spillage...just plan for it!


2) What's Bigger: A Teacup or A Table? This is how I introduce the idea of recognizing teaspoons and tablespoons. When they think about the "table" being the bigger one, that helps. Also, let them know that teaspoon is usually abbreviated as "tsp" and tablespoon as "TB." This way, when you hand them the measuring spoons, they can recognize the measurements themselves!

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3) Dig Really Deep. This is one of my favorite corny refrains that I say in my classes. I tell the kids to "dig really deep like they're in the sandbox" when they measure dry ingredients like flour. Then I tell them to flatten the measuring cup on the inside of the bag (to reduce spillage). 


4) Cutting Butter in Small Pieces. When kids are asked to cut butter in pieces, they are so excited because the butter is so smooth. They start out great, cutting it, but then some kids cannot resist the urge to take the butter into their hands and feel it (i.e. mush it!) This is something that I have seen both at home and in my classes, and you just have to tell them right up front that they can't mush it or the quiche will not come out right! 

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5) Salt in a Small Bowl. You've seen most salt canisters, right? They're huge! Not only are they too big for most young kids' hands to pour, but if you give a child a measuring spoon and salt they will pour the canister of salt into the tiny teaspoon hoping that enough of it lands in the spoon!  We know that most of it will land on the counter, because we know that it comes out faster than they expect! So, my tip is to put salt in a small bowl and give them a spoon to scoop it into the measuring spoon! 


The quiche was really good, and the best part, is that she's eating up all those veggies voluntarily! Have you ever made quiche with your little chefs? What do you like to add in? We love broccoli and cheddar!