6 Tasty International Holiday Cookies That Make Great Gifts


We’re in the homestretch of the holiday season. There’s lots of parties to attend, resolutions to be made and of course, lots of presents to be purchased.

I love showing appreciation to the people who make my life better all year long--my best girl’s teacher, the bus driver, the mail carriers and so many more. But I also get so overwhelmed with finding the perfect gift that won’t break the bank for the people that make my life so much easier.

Finding gifts--good gifts--inexpensive gifts--is a conundrum that lots of moms struggle with. I recently read a post on Cafe Mom, 22 Holiday Gifts Teachers Don’t Want. While reading, I cringed--so many of the gifts that I’d given--from my heart and my best girl’s--were not only not appreciated but unwanted? Sob.


Anyway, this year, I’ve decided not to think of these lists. After all, if we are going to teach our children to not focus on the commercialism of Christmas and Hanukkah, why not teach them how to use their creativity and share with those that they love?

I’ve always had a soft spot for cookies...a chewy, warm, sweet part of my heart belongs to cookies. They’re the perfect dessert because you can eat one in a few delightful bites and they’re small enough to make you think you’re not being so naughty or greedy!

Cookies have been on my mind even more for the last few months because I’ve been making dozen upon dozen for community events like the Chappaqua Book Festival and the Westchester Mall Halloween Event. I’m currently preparing for a Decorating Cookies for Santa event at the Jefferson Valley Mall on December 22nd. Plus in 2019, we’ll be rolling out (snort!) our cookie decorating classes!

Kids Cooking and Baking Classes Westchester NY - Cookie Decorating

With all of this cookie making in mind, I’ve compiled a few international cookie recipes that are tasty, low-cost and are great gifts. Plus, it’s an opportunity for your kids to use their energy in the kitchen, bonding and learning from you!

Ready to get your kids baking? Download this handy guide, Baking Gifts For Kids, today.


And there you have it! From the classroom teacher to the mail carrier, there’s a cookie that’s just waiting to be placed in a tin or festive bag and tied with a ribbon. Want to take it a step further? Include a few tea bags and some cinnamon sticks and it’s a party!

Let us know which cookies you liked the best, and you can tag us on Instagram at @cookingwithkidsNY!