5 Easy Steps to Party Perfect Potato Salad

The best thing about the summer is all the parties! Now, before you go thinking I’m a party-ish sort of girl, I must disabuse you of that notion. I’m really not that girl!

I know you probably hear folks telling you all the time that they’re really introverted, and you may or may not believe them, but that truly is my speed. I’m that girl who loves to observe and loves to chat one-on-one and that’s where I’m happy. I am not at all the extrovert that my best girl is, and I am energetically sensitive so being around a lot of people for extended time periods takes a toll on me.

However, I do love making foods for parties!! Other people’s parties, mostly!

I adore feeding people, and attending to their comfort. I enjoy being the helping hand at my friend’s and family’s fetes; clearing plates, making sure everyone has forks, food and fixins!


Summer Parties are the Best!

Today we were invited to a dear friend’s youngest child’s beach birthday party! My mama always taught me never to go to anyone’s house or party empty-handed. So, I looked around the kitchen to see what I could make and take. When my eyes happened upon the adorable little potatoes that I picked up at the market, I knew the dish was potato salad. What could be more summer bbq-ish than that!

I’m a skin-on kind of potato salad lover. And it’s red potatoes for the win, in my opinion. I can’t get behind peeling all the skins off because for one, it’s annoying. Furthermore, the skin has the nutrients and gives the salad a bit of texture. Who wants a bland, mushy potato salad!?

I love my potato salad recipe because it’s very user-friendly. The hardest part is making sure you have red wine vinegar. But even that’s not an issue because you can always substitute 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon red wine to give you ¼ cup of red wine vinegar, which is what you need for the recipe!


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Step 1 - Cut Your Potatoes!

I used the adorable baby red potatoes so cutting them in quarters was a snap. When I use regular-sized red potatoes, I cut them in 8 pieces. In short, you want the pieces to be bite-sized and all the same size so they cook evenly and so you can save your guests’ dignity by not forcing them to eat a huge chunk of potato from one forkful.

Cute baby red potatoes for Potato Salad - Cooking with Kids NY

Step 2 - Boil those babies!

I know you probably already know this, but when you boil potatoes, you always start with cold water and you put the potatoes in the cold water to boil them. It’s the same for any root vegetable. Think of it like this: if it grows under the ground, you boil in cold water. If you want to cook a vegetable that comes from a stalk or a tree (think string beans, broccoli, etc.) you add it to boiling water!

Your potatoes will take 15-18 minutes to get fork-tender. When you test the potatoes’ doneness, just imagine you were about to stick your fork into a bite of potato salad. If the potato seems too hard for a salad, boil a bit more!

Ice Your Potatoes for Potato Salad - Cooking with Kids NY

Step 3 - Ice them down!

When you drain your potatoes, add lots of ice to get them to cool down quickly. You definitely don’t want to add hot potatoes to your dressing.

Potato Salad Dressing - Cooking with Kids NY

Step 4 - Make the dressing!

This is a fun and easy step because it involves adding things to a big bowl and then mixing it all up. There are many variations of potato salads, and most of them use mayonnaise, and mine does, too. That’s classic American bbq-fare, folks! I add mustard, dried dill, celery salt and salt and pepper, too. It’s simple but crowd-pleasing!

After you add all your dressing ingredients, just whisk it up and get ready to give your potatoes a nice creamy bath!

Your New Favorite Party Potato Salad - Cooking with Kids NY

Step 5 - Marry the potatoes and the dressing!

You might just love the salad so much you’ll wish you could marry the dressing! But really what I mean is that you put the potatoes (nicely cooled by now) into the dressing and stir it around.

For the best taste, chill the potato salad for 2 hours before serving. But I can tell you that I was very happy to have a few nibbles of the salad right without that chill time!

What is a quintessential summer bbq recipe for you, friend?

Drop your fave in the comments below! Happy Summer!!!!  

Party Perfect Potato Salad Recipe

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