5 Recipes You Can Make with French Brioche Bread

Kids Cooking and Baking Classes Westchester NY - Brioche Bread Recipes

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We all know that there’s not many things that are better than sliced bread…I mean, why else would we have a saying that compares amazing things to sliced bread!?

When I used to work in New York City, several lifetimes ago…I loved stopping into the little cafes that had little brioche breads on offer with all of their gorgeous pastries. This was in my pre-gluten sensitivity life, so I did partake quite a bit.

I had a good friend who worked in a French bakery and he would bring me little brioche loaves and baguettes wrapped in brown paper. There may or may not have been cheese involved. Sigh….those were the days!

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What is Brioche?

You might be wondering…what is this…brioche? First, let’s pronounce it right…./bree-oh-sh./ Just saying the word might make you feel a bit fancy…and eating it….well, we are talking MAJOR FANCY!!! Brioche can be found in many shapes, and Bakerly makes brioche even easier and tastier to eat with their sliced brioche bread!

Brioche is an amazing kind of bread. It’s kind of like a super-bread because of the extra eggs and butter that goes into making it. Bakerly has a great explanation of brioche below….

Brioche’s higher egg and butter content is its trademark and gives the loaf a richer, buttery taste and softer texture than standard loaf bread you might find in the supermarket bread aisle.


Baking a brioche utilizes a unique and rigorous baking technique that takes time (as do so many tasty foods!).

Before initial baking, the dough is pushed down before being allowed to rise. Repeating this process allows for the full flavors of the ingredients to develop and fill the loaf, and eventually your taste buds! A light coating of egg wash is applied right before baking, a step that helps accentuate the taste of the brioche as well as give the loaf an attractive golden-brown color.

The result of the longer, special process is a more flavorful bread. Let’s all say it together now- “yummmmm.” (Oh yeah!)

What Are Some Recipes That Use Brioche?

Brioche Bread Recipes

The good news, is that you can substitute brioche in many dishes that you’d ordinarily use sliced bread! There are so many ways to cook with brioche. The even better news is that your kids can help you! They’ll also love tasting the yummy dishes you’ll make together.

We are going to look at 5 recipes we made, and you can also find a ton of healthy and delicious recipes on Bakerly’s site!


My girl and I LOVE brioche. We love breads and carbs of all kinds, really.

I knew there would be a fight for me to be able to use the sliced brioche for other foods, because she wanted to eat it right out of the package. Oh, and with nutella. She’s not wrong there…

Glorious  Rose Cafe  in Venice, CA

Glorious Rose Cafe in Venice, CA

5 Recipes You Can Make with French Brioche Bread

When I thought of the first things I would make with brioche, I wanted to make some sweet and savory recipes. It’s easy to think of French toast and sandwiches, but you can do so much more with brioche, and you will bring your recipes to the next level when using buttery brioche.


Let’s start with a breakfast recipe. You can use Bakerly’s crepes to make blintzes like Bubbe used to make! The great thing is that you can make the blintzes so easily because when you use the pre-made crepes, half the work is already done for you!

Not sure what a blintz is? Tori Avey says it well. A blintz is a thin crepe-like pancake filled with cheese. Though you can also fill your blintz with savory foods like potatoes and onions, or anything else you like.

For a step-by-step guide for making blintzes, check out How to Make Easy Blintzes from Bakerly Crepes.

Yummy cheese blintzes

Yummy cheese blintzes

Lunch Recipes using Brioche Bread from Bakerly

For lunch, we made 2 recipes that you can eat together! May I introduce you to our Homemade Tomato Soup with Brioche Croutons and our Double Cheese Roll-Ups?

Kids Cooking and Baking Classes Westchester NY - Brioche Recipes
Delicious Double Cheese Roll-Ups

Delicious Double Cheese Roll-Ups

Both recipes are delish and easy for you to cook with your kids.

Here’s the recipe we used for the tomato soup, and here’s the recipe we used for our croutons.

Check out our step-by-step guide for making comforting tomato soup and our guide for making croutons.

The cool thing about brioche bread is that it’s very flexible (and fun to cut!), and you can make savory croutons for soup, or you could toss them with melted butter and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top and use them for yogurt parfaits!

Kids cooking - making yogurt parfaits
Kids cutting up brioche bread for croutons
Kids cutting bread for croutons

Here’s the recipe we used for our Double Cheese Roll-Ups, which we adapted from Food & Wine.

The fun part of the Double Cheese Roll-Ups is that we cut off the edges of the brioche and then flattened the bread. We made the filling and then sealed up the bread and fried those babies up. They’re delish with warm marinara sauce or with the tomato soup!

Kids Cooking and Baking Classes Westchester NY -Brioche Recipes

Dinner Recipes Using Brioche Bread from Bakerly

For dinner, you’ll love using brioche in my grandmother’s meatball recipe! I have such good memories of eating spaghetti and meatballs at her house, and to me, they were the best ever.

When my dad and uncles would tell me this recipe was one of the only thing she cooked, I couldn’t believe it because anyone who makes meatballs this good must be a genius!

Here’s her recipe, courtesy of my Uncle V’s memory!

Kids Cooking and Baking Classes Westchester NY - Brioche Recipes

Here’s Grandma’s meatball recipe for you to make at home!

My students also love making meatballs!

My students also love making meatballs!

Another dish we used Bakerly brioche for was our mushroom sausage stuffing. It’s a no-brainer at Thanksgiving, but there’s no reason you can’t make it with your roast chicken on Sunday afternoon! You can really use any vegetables, including the usual carrots and celery, but I’m a sucker for mushrooms so I prefer to make what I love!

Making stuffing always seems to be much harder than it really is. There are basically 3 active parts to making a whole tray of stuffing….cutting up the bread and vegetables, cooking them separately and then mixing them together and baking them! You can even cut and bake the bread cubes the day or two before and then just concentrate on cutting up your veggies and sauteing them before combining them with the bread cubes and baking them all together.

Here’s our recipe for Mushroom Sausage Stuffing. The kids will be very eager to cut the bread up VERY small!

Cooking with your kids is fun!
Kids cooking croutons - cutting up brioche bread really small!
Kids cutting up bread from Bakerly
Kids cutting bread
Kids Cooking and Baking Classes Westchester NY - Brioche Recipes
Kids Cooking and Baking Classes Westchester NY - Brioche Recipes

I hope that you’ve found these recipes helpful for using Bakerly’s lovely brioche bread. Making sandwiches and grilled cheese with the brioche will take your lunch to a more delicious level, and you can also check out the recipes Bakerly has on their site for more inspiration.

What will you make with brioche and crepes? There’s no wrong way, and it wouldn’t be bad to warm up a slice or two and spread them with your favorite jam and enjoy with a cup of tea!

You can find Bakerly products here. Stay fancy, friends!