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5 Things You Don't Know About Ramadan

There’s a small shop where my best girl and I go every week after her gymnastics class. It’s part of our weekly routine. When we leave the gymnastics studio, we eagerly drive up the road to pick up a lamb shawarma plate and seasoned fries. Occasionally, if I am particularly hungry, I’ll ask for a kibbeh, an amazing teardrop-shaped patty made from spiced ground beef and bulgar wheat.

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5 New Tips: Cooking with Your Preschoolers

When did cooking start to be a chore for us, mamas? Do you remember when it was exciting to help the adults in the kitchen? I have fond memories of making a cookie recipe that my Nana was given by her mother (my great-grandmother) and we used to make the cookies and then bring them for my great-grandmother in the late stages of her life.

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