Cooking and Baking Classes for Kids Westchester County


We are currently taking names of those interested in cooking classes to run specialized classes. Contact us below and make sure to include your chef’s age and your desired location.




"I just wanted to share my experience with Sharon's program. {My son} has done a few of her classes and camps. I've sat in on a few. She has an amazing rapport with the children, a calm demeanor, and a respectful attitude toward all. She teaches not only cooking, but culture, geography, mutual respect, and independence. They talk about the way ingredients look, smell and taste, , and they take turns with equipment and tasks. I can't recommend her enough. Her style is definitely complementary to the Montessori philosophy. "

"My daughter Alexis LOVED the class!!!! She was so excited to show us what she made, which by the way was very YUMMY!!!!! My husband and I loved the corn cake!!! I can’t believe she made this and actually ate it and enjoyed it!! She is such a finicky eater and doesn’t like to try new things or green things but I thought by getting her involved with the cooking process in an actual cooking environment would open her mind to new things and I was RIGHT!!!! I try to get her involved at home but she’s easily distracted with friends and the television. All in all, I am very happy with the class! Thank you Sharon for getting my stubborn eater to eat!"


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