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Do you love cooking or baking? Do you love working with children?

We are looking for open-minded, flexible and reliable instructors to teach children in our community the importance of learning how to cook for themselves and others.

The person we are looking for fits these characteristics:

  • Understands children’s emotions and behaviors

  • Really loves children

  • Is patient, caring and thoughtful

  • Understands the basics of cooking and baking

  • Knows how to improvise and troubleshoot a recipe

  • Maintains good relationships with others

  • Is able to anticipate the next step in the lesson

  • Has a good sense of urgency and good sense of humor

  • Knows how to manage the timing required in cooking and baking

  • Can carry out a lesson that someone else has written

If this fits you or someone you know, please contact Sharon at

Mentorship Program

One of the benefits of our kids’ multicultural cooking classes is the sense of community that we foster. We offer a mentorship program for tweens and teens in the community who are interested in cooking, teaching children and learning about new foods.

The mentors are role models to the children in the class, and provide another layer of support for any questions they have. The mentors help the students carry out the kitchen tasks safely, complete the steps that the recipe requires and help the children to manage their expectations during the class.

In addition to helping the students during the food preparation portion of the class, the mentors help to transition the students to new activities such as reading, crafts or tasting the food. They also help to set out (and clean up) the tables, chairs and ingredients required for the class.

For their service in the class, the mentors receive a letter of recommendation and we will act as a reference for a future job application.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to be part of our mentorship program, please contact Sharon at

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